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Angular Contact Ball Bearings to Solve Problems And Use of Sealed Notes - Northfagcom - 07-13-2019

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Angular contact ball bearings is mainly used in machine tool spindle. In most cases, locking the outer ring of this bearing the mouth and can not seal the resulting circular groove, so many used in the machine spindle angular contact ball bearings can not be used for other hosts as the other bearings as lubrication. If installing a set of auxiliary lubrication system, not only to increase costs and make the structure more complex machine.

ntn of Barden Division has solved this problem. The advanced method is to use a new type of a groove in the ring embedded in the bearing, the groove depth slightly shallower than the standard bearing point, and just fit in the intersection part, fill in the gap left by the outer ring flange. To join the ring not only stop the leakage of grease from the bearings on both sides, but also stop dirt from the bearing both sides of the intrusion.

1. Save: bearings not exposed to air, storage warehouses should be kept clean and stored indoors, dry, inventory of air not more than 55% relative humidity, temperature should be appropriate, off to win the title without being sealed bearings should be oiled. Also to avoid with acid, alkali and corrosive chemicals and other materials together.

2. Transport: Bearing in handling is necessary to avoid the bump, drop deformation, damage.

3. Check: After installing bearings should rotate a flexible, non-stop phenomenon stay. Also bearing factory has been inspected dimensional accuracy and precision of rotation, can ensure quality, bearing traces a circle within and outside the circle and bearing rings on the black Chamfer, all ensure the quality of due process methods and inspection methods. Entirely normal, does not affect product quality.

4. Cleaning: In addition to double-sealed bearings with Cover, the other bearing are added at the factory anti-rust oil, wash before use, usually the bearings immersed in mineral oil mixed with 8-10% of the gasoline, Hold the inner ring hand wash the other hand rotating outer bearing surface rust, clean the bearing can not rotate after, so that volatile fuel, the injection of oil or grease. Do not glue the dust, moisture, hands sweat, so as not to affect the rotation accuracy and rust.

5. Handling: Installation of shaft or hole should be smooth, burr-free, carefully measuring the diameter of shaft or hole the standard, clearly bearing base level, for installation in the shaft bearings can only be force in the inner ring on the installation bearing in the hole, force in the outer ring, the force should be evenly distributed in the ferrule end face circle, avoid single hard hit, to avoid the phenomenon of skew bite, handling a large amount of interference bearing, the bearing shall be pre- heat method, heating temperature between 90-100 ℃, the double row spherical roller bearings and tapered bearings single row garden more attention, because within the park ribs thin, accidentally hole is broken.

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RE: Angular Contact Ball Bearings to Solve Problems And Use of Sealed Notes - sadamaar - 08-05-2019

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RE: Angular Contact Ball Bearings to Solve Problems And Use of Sealed Notes - sadamaar - 08-20-2019

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