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Building online presence solely through Wikipedia - emilydevlin - 04-26-2019

Search engines are more than one but the popularity varies for each. However, if you have noticed, you would have seen how Wikipedia pages always manage to secure top rankings on almost every search engine. I used to wonder why that was the case but since this platform has been around for almost two decades, I somewhat understand this occurrence. I am not a marketer or an expert in advertising so I would not know this notion so clearly. All I know is that since Wikipedia dominates Google, I only wanted to look for Wikipedia writers for hire. Do you think I can easily score a Wikipedia page?

RE: Building online presence solely through Wikipedia - JabirSheikh - 05-21-2019

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RE: Building online presence solely through Wikipedia - AngelJenny - 05-31-2019

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RE: Building online presence solely through Wikipedia - jessicachamilton - 07-09-2019

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RE: Building online presence solely through Wikipedia - Abby Taylor - 08-20-2019

Hello, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Frankly speaking, I agree with you. Wikipedia is a well-known place where everyone can some info. I used it in order to get the information for my senior papers.