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Molly? Bean? X? - ericlanser - 04-23-2019

Plug : I got beans Me : how much? And how much in em? P : 20$ each and they’re double stacked. I’d take a couple or mix them with another drug to bring out the best in them Sarkari Result Pnr Status Showbox

I don’t know if that’s weird as fuck to anyone but it is to me. Mainly because I, for one, don’t like mixing my drugs. But this dude is telling me to take a couple of them or mix them with another drug?! I personally think this is fucked up because someone, who doesn’t know their shit, would listen to him and do this.

RE: Molly? Bean? X? - alanboo2019 - 12-21-2019

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RE: Molly? Bean? X? - GwendolynNValerio - 02-29-2020

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RE: Molly? Bean? X? - KaylaRamirez - 03-13-2020

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RE: Molly? Bean? X? - KaylaRamirez - 03-15-2020

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RE: Molly? Bean? X? - shrutib - 03-30-2020

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RE: Molly? Bean? X? - Starreadr - 04-07-2020

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RE: Molly? Bean? X? - sattaking2020 - 05-31-2020

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