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Heather's Thread - Heather - 06-08-2018

Hehe. I'm not 100% sure what I'm gonna do with this thread yet, but it'll definitely involve sharing art from time to time. To kick it off, I'll link a post to some work-in-progress shots for that wall I painted in the comic. Tongue

Here it be:

RE: Heather's Thread - Dan - 06-08-2018

For anyone who hasn't gone through the archives yet, every time I have the comic Heather producing some form of art, it's the real Heather's work. I'm meta that way, and I also want as many eyeballs on her art as I can help to manage.

Of course there's the wall:

and these:

And even this doodle on Molly's Cheek:

RE: Heather's Thread - Heather - 06-09-2018

Won't lie. When you told me that doodle was gonna go on her face, I almost drew it on someone's face for authenticity.

Due to timing and opportunity, that someone would have been Brentalfloss... but I decided to be nice.

RE: Heather's Thread - Dan - 06-09-2018

Next time I'll expect you to try harder for the sake of the art.

RE: Heather's Thread - sunny2019 - 03-27-2019

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