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Streamers and LPers Unite! - Attentive Dragon - 05-14-2018

Do you stream?  Do you produce Let's Play content?  Post your links (and the games you like to play) in this thread, so we can all follow and watch each other!

I'll start this one off:

I stream over at I'm still fairly new at it, and still working out all the kinks, but I try to stream at least once a week regularly, with added streams when I have extra time.  My favorite things to stream so far are Geoguessr (yes, seriously) and Shroud of the Avatar on PC, and I'm planning on also doing Fortnite, PS4 content like Horizon, as well as older titles on consoles like the original NES, once I can get my Elgato working properly.

I also put out Let's Play videos at, where my focus has mainly been DOS era PC games (specifically the Ultima series.)

What game-related content are you producing?

RE: Streamers and LPers Unite! - Dan - 05-14-2018

Great idea, Attentive!

I'm getting ramped up over at I plan to stream a variety of content, perhaps a mixture of turn based games like Slay The Spire, resource management games like Frost Punk, and more mainstream things like PUBG or Doom.

I've gotten over the setup hump, so I'll probably be trying to stream once a week, currently targeting Tuesdays at 10pm EST.

RE: Streamers and LPers Unite! - Dan - 05-26-2018

Here's a let's play of Slay the Spire.

RE: Streamers and LPers Unite! - Dan - 05-26-2018

Here's a quick let's play of Into the Breach.