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New post notifications suggestion: - Attentive Dragon - 05-14-2018

So... the little icon on the left that looks like two word bubbles is the same if there are new posts or no new posts in a sub-section.

(The title text changes, but the image does not.)

It might be useful to have an alternate icon for unread messages so we know there's something new to go see.

RE: New post notifications suggestion: - Dan - 05-14-2018

Thanks Attentive.  I know that the theme allows for new post notifications at the post level; as for the forum level I believe that icon may indicate Category rather than status.  Also, the mobile viewport size conceals the new post notification and leaves you only with the speech bubble.

I'll look into it as soon as I can.  Thanks for the suggestion!   Big Grin

EDIT: Looks like all forum icons are receiving the "New Post" class regardless. There should be a "Read" class which is grey/lighter. Should be a setting.

EDIT OF EDIT: Looks like I had both icons set to display the same color. Forums with all threads read should now display the chat balloon in grey. Unread in the dark blue. Confirmed with a new user login. Thanks for the heads up!