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Friday the 13th - Dan - 05-10-2018

I'd love to get a session of this asymmetrical gore fest in at some point.  Anyone interested?   Big Grin

RE: Friday the 13th - N0tQuit3M011y - 05-11-2018

Pick me, pick me!

RE: Friday the 13th - Dan - 05-11-2018

As Han said in Jedi (Return of, obviously), "That's one." Smile

RE: Friday the 13th - Attentive Dragon - 05-14-2018

I'm in, now that I have a computer capable of running it!

RE: Friday the 13th - Dan - 05-14-2018

Fantastic. You should have a copy still, correct?

RE: Friday the 13th - Attentive Dragon - 05-15-2018


RE: Friday the 13th - Dan - 05-15-2018

Wicked good, Ayuh. We'll need to set up a time. I think I can get at least three other players to join us.

RE: Friday the 13th - Schwarz - 10-14-2019

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RE: Friday the 13th - Leeanne Aschmann - 07-14-2020

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