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Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - modernpackaging - 08-19-2020

Clear, transparent self-adhesive tapes which are used for a variety of purposes. Most commonly used in arts and crafts, stationery, homes, and shops for everyday packaging solutions. This product is available in different sizes. Please get in touch with our team for further details.

Salient Features:

  • Self Adhesive

  • Excellent Adhesion Properties

  • Tear and Cut Resistant

  • Water, Oil, and Solvent Resistant

  • High Bonding Strength
Common Uses:

  • Everyday packaging solutions in homes and shops.

  • In arts and Crafts.

  • Stationery Purposes.

Visit: Cello Tape Manufacturer

RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - davidjohn - 08-31-2020

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RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - ashukhan - 09-16-2020

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RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - hakwinsmariya - 09-16-2020

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RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - heretell2 - 09-22-2020

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RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - Yeationat1952 - 09-25-2020

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RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - Mahi01 - 10-02-2020

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RE: Modern Packaging | Cello Tapes - francoismartin - 10-03-2020

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