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Door Knob And Hinges The Most Overlooked Part of Your Home Decor - Heiwhite - 11-03-2019

[Image: 31z0-PXfg0-XL-296x296.jpg]

Renovating a house or decorating a new one is always joyful for the owner as of course people love their houses. But for most of the people renovating or decorating a house is all about getting new paints, furnishing decorative pieces and other interior decorations like that, but it is not so. Though of course these are also a part of home decor but what really tells your taste and give your home a finishing touch is the little elements like the door knobs, hooks or gate hinges you choose. Are you surprised to read this? Yes you must be as so far you have always overlooked these fine details. You must have spent thousands of bucks in buying that new sofa set or those premium vases but failed to buy high quality gate hinges and door knobs. Well don't worry you aren't the first and you aren't the only one.

Type of door knob made of any material they either come on a plate or a rose. That is the handle is either attached to a rectangular plate or a circular called rose. Here are the few types of door knobs available in the market.

Aluminium knobs: The aluminium knobs are really strong and rust free making them suitable for using in bathroom door handles. These come in excellent dyed, satin, matt and natural finishes.

Wooden knobs. These come specifically for use in doors of office, bedroom or study. Even these are available in a variety of wood textures. However, these are not recommended in bathroom or kitchen where there is constant dampness.

Brass knobs: These are considered to be most elegant with knobs usually having Victorian inspired designs. They are available in copper, nickel and chrome plated finishes and work well for light to medium load usage.

Plastic knobs. These are highly affordable and that doesn't make them any less durable. These are available in many colours making them a chic option to contrast with your wall colours. These knobs work best for cabinets and drawers and are easy to clean with no worries for rust.

Crystal or Glass knobs: These are super stylish and very reasonably priced. These give an air of delicacy to your surroundings and also compliment the Victorian inspired furniture. But of course they are delicate so strictly recommended for light usage.

Within these above mentioned types you can further find many subtypes to suit the theme and decor of your setting. Door knobs manufacturers 'online offer these finely designed items at great prices.

Ozcrystal is mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sale of crystal knobs & handles. The company is very experienced in melting, molding, post forming and cool working. The company has formed the advantages of Innovation, Global Sale, Quality and Cost and established its strong status in the field.

RE: Door Knob And Hinges The Most Overlooked Part of Your Home Decor - Bowni - 11-22-2019

Hello. These are just fantastic solutions that your company offers and I certainly wanted to change the style of my knobs. I'm just doing an update in the house and I found it interesting to talk about how to use oscillating tools click here. I think that for beginners, as well as professionals, this topic will be very relevant.

RE: Door Knob And Hinges The Most Overlooked Part of Your Home Decor - EsmeRichards - 03-17-2020

The quality of the door can be determined by the knob and the hinge being used on it. The hinge will allow easy and free rotation of the door for a long time and the knob looks good.