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Adobe Kroger Sequel - pete.zhut - 05-08-2018

So, I read Adobe Kroger and was wondering if there's a plan to produce a sequel?  I loved the world and thought it was pretty dang fun.

RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - Dan - 05-08-2018

Hi Pete! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm glad to hear you liked Adobe Kroger! Yes, there will absolutely be a sequel; I am already about 50k words into it. I did my best to make the first book a self contained tale but to also leave it open to future adventures.

The first book was intended as a fast paced adventure, along the lines of Black Widow meets John Mclane set in Jack Bauer's 24. The next one will be a bit more "in her head", but with a similar level of action.

RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - gCrusher - 06-07-2018

I'm glad to hear this. Yeah, it most certainly could've been a standalone book, but knowing the work will be continued gives me such joy.

I really need to do a proper spoiler-free review somewhere regarding this masterpiece. Perhaps Amazon?

RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - Dan - 06-08-2018

Please do! The more reviews the better!

RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - Heather - 06-09-2018

If you can't put the review on Amazon ( because sometimes Amazon is dumb), do the review on Goodreads...

Actually, put a review on good reads anyway. Tongue

RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - Dan - 06-09-2018


RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - AngeWenhal - 11-19-2019

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RE: Adobe Kroger Sequel - Cford - 05-28-2020

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